Coy Wallflower Quiz Results


You’re a Coy Wallflower (Budding Confidence)

You may be a slow bloomer in the bedroom, but with the right support, you’ll wind up surprising yourself. You usually depend on your partner to take the reins in the bedroom, but this means sex can be hit and miss and your mileage in terms of pleasure may vary. You mainly struggle to convey your deepest desires. Something’s holding you back. You find yourself just going through the motions, and longing to be more wild and uninhibited. Chin up, buttercup! You're brimming with sexual potential, and together we'll work on unlocking it.


Suggestions for you

- Learn 3 critical strategies that will help you to gain confidence and creativity in the bedroom.

- Be more expressive and authentic with your desires. Learn how to tell your partner what you really want in the bedroom.

- Ask me a sex question or try out a one-on-one sex coaching session to become more empowered around your sexuality.

- Join a sex positive community on Instagram and have meaningful conversations that keep you juicy everyday.

Quote you'll love: "Great lovers are made, not born"