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You’re an Enigmatic Observer (Need a Confidence Boost)

You’re still hiding in your sexual shell. You might have had a bad experience in your past. Overall, you feel ashamed and uneasy about approaching sex. It just feels like a chore. But take heart my friend, we’ve all been there. Many of us never learned about sex in a healthy and open way, and we grew up in environments that judged us harshly for our sexuality. Unlocking your sexual power will bring you new possibilities of pleasure and aliveness. But it all starts with you. If you don’t know where to start, let me be your guide.


Suggestions for you

- Learn 3 critical strategies that will help you to gain the confidence and creativity to rock it in the bedroom.

- Gain more insight into your sexual body and desires with this essential self-love practice.

- Ask me a sex question or try out a one-on-one sex coaching session to overcome any emotional blocks and feel more empowered around your sexuality.

- Join a sex positive community on Instagram and have meaningful conversations that keep you juicy every day.

Quote you'll love: "Sex is a choice, not a chore"