8 Habits to Boost your Sexual Wellness

sexual wellness habits


Sexual health and wellness are closely tied to the other decisions we make in our lives.

It’s easy to forget how impactful simple habits can be in increasing our wellness in this area of our lives. By owning our sexual wellness, we can actually boost our overall health and mental well-being as well!

That should be a good reminder that we are meant to have healthy sexual experiences. There is no need to have any guilt about being a sexually healthy person, as it’s a crucial part of our health in general.

In order to bring our bodies in tune with their potential, it’s important to focus on changing certain habits that may need some adjustment. Just a little bit of intentional focus can bring about great results.

Here are some simple habits to boost your sexual health and wellness:


Maybe you weren’t expecting this one. Backed by science, it’s actually good for you. Whether you’re abstaining from sex with others or are in a healthy sexual relationship, there are benefits to be had from masturbation.

Stress, especially long term stressful, is incredibly harmful to the body and mind. Bringing yourself to orgasm relieves stress and sexual tension, allowing you to focus on other things when you need to.

Sleep is really important for sexual health and overall health also. For those of you with anxiety or who have trouble falling asleep, masturbation puts you in a relaxed state to naturally assist with that.

Orgasms release dopamine and oxytocin which should improve your mood. An improved mood is good for life in general, but particularly when it comes time to have sex with a partner. You’ll be more likely to be in a playful mood if you’re taking care of yourself at other times.

Masturbation can even increase sexual desire and arousal. It’s a healthy response to want sex more.

It helps you feel more comfortable with your body when you explore feeling sexy and figure out what turns you on. Doing it with a partner can increase intimacy while you learn more about each other and explore what each other’s fantasies are. That results in a more well-rounded relationship.


You may not have thought of this to increase your sexual wellness, but it’s a medical technique to increasing pleasure and specified muscle strength.

Sexual experiences are improved by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles in women. The exercises help relax vaginal muscles which allow the vagina to be more open when you want it to be.

They play a role in toning, strengthening and improving general sexual health, allowing for increased pleasure of both men and women. Many women have found the exercises allow them to orgasm in positions they couldn’t orgasm in before. That’s well worth a few sets of easy exercises.

During sex a woman can learn to contract and release, increasing the man’s pleasure. That’s one way a woman can be better in bed!


The more your partner knows what you like and need, the better their experience is. They’ll be able to please you and you’ll have a much better experience when they know what does it for you.

Talk about it when you feel comfortable whether it’s out of bed, in bed, or while masturbating. You can confide about turn-ons, how often you want to do it, what your fantasies are, and get a feel for what dirty talk gets them going.


Mary Claire Haver, M.D.an ob-gyn at the University of Texas Medical Branch promotes exercise as a major contributor to sexual arousal and satisfaction. She says that in addition to that, it decreases stress, which is the #1 libido killer for women.

In addition to reducing stress, exercise increases your blood flow and makes you more energetic when the time is right. Having toned muscles makes you primed and ready for sexy moves.

Increased blood flow contributes to arousal in both sexes. Feeling better, along with enhanced self-image from exercise, makes for better sexual functioning. Strength, flexibility and stamina also increase sexual well-being.

Studies show that exercise, particularly weight training, increases testosterone in both men and women. This leads to increased arousal and an elevated sexy vibe. That’s why we call it “sexercise” and getting fit for the bedroom!


You may have thought mindfulness was limited to a few types of activities. But being fully aware and in the moment during a sexual experience increases not only how good it is for you, but your overall sexual well-being.

Think purposefully about your behavior instead of acting out of habit. Increase your awareness of what your partner is feeling. This can not only make you better in bed, but can turn you on even more.

Breathe deeply and be aware of every moment. Reduce stress in this way and be more present during lovemaking.

Be aware of your thoughts but not judgmental. A couple’s mindfulness during the act can predict their sexual satisfaction.


Putting them in the other room might be a good idea too. Reduce distractions to really focus on and be all in the moment. A beeping phone or reminder of work can be a real mood killer if it makes your mind wonder who it is, or what new email you’ve got.

Electronic devices are hard to resist, and can break any mindfulness or intensity you’re feeling.

A healthy relationship needs to take a break from their devices to focus on each other. Sexual and mental wellness depend on it, so does being better in bed.

A person can start to feel neglected or unimportant if a phone takes priority over being intimate with them. This can divide people even if they’re not admitting to being bothered by it.

Reading a text is rarely more interesting than sex, and if it is, then working on your sexual wellness should be a priority.


You want to be as healthy as you can be. Ideally, you also want to be honest and upfront about your sexual health with your partner. It’s hard to enjoy sex when you know you’ve got a secret or you’re not sure if everything’s ok with your body.

A clean bill of health is a stress reliever and a green light. Take steps to enjoy sex responsibly so you can increase intimacy with your partner.

You want a medical professional to let you know if there’s anything you can do to take care of any issues you may have right away. Don’t ignore or push worries under the rug. Take care of your body so it can serve you well and you can freely enjoy sex now and in the future.


When you feel you’re burning the candle at both ends, and rushing from school to work to more work at home, to some semblance of a social life, you may be out of balance. When your life becomes so rushed that you can’t enjoy certain things, like sex for instance, you need to make a change.

Sometimes you can’t change things right away. But make a plan that you can follow where your life can feel more civilized and you don’t have to frantically look at the clock all the time.

Make sure you have time for decompression and relaxing the tension away. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy your sex life.

It’s interesting how closely tied sexual wellness is to overall health. These steps may seem like a lot to process, but really they are simple adjustments to make in your life. Now I’d also love to hear from you - what do you do to cultivate sexual wellness in your life? Leave a comment below to let me know!

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