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You’re a Power Player (Highly Confident)

You know absolutely what you need in the bedroom and aren’t shy about saying so. Rawrrr! You take the initiative with a partner, and love getting the best out of a sexual situation. You’re known for your powerful magnetic sexual energy – it attracts partners who can fuel your drive for an adventure and a challenge. You’re an expert on your own sexuality, but there’s always more to explore. Let me join you on your next challenge. Upwards and onwards, lover!


Suggestions for you

- Develop a sex bucket list of things you still want to try. For example, would female ejaculation or open relationships be interesting to explore?

- Be more thoughtful and conscious about your sexuality. Using mindfulness could help you to take your sex life to the next level.

- Give the gift of pleasure. Organise a pleasure workshop to bring the latest sexual knowledge to your friends in an interactive, empowering setting.

- Join a sex positive community on Instagram and have meaningful conversations that inspire and empower others.

Quote you'll love: "My sexual preference is often"