Quiz Results Saucy Scamp


You’re a Saucy Scamp (Reasonably Confident)

You enjoy sex and have a good working knowledge of your body, pleasure and relationships. You’re open-minded but maybe feel like you haven’t reached your full sexual potential. You’ve relied on a formula that works for you and haven’t wandered too far outside of your comfort zone sexually. A deeper understanding of your sexuality requires effort and vulnerability, but the payoff can be huge. Challenge yourself, lover. Take your playfulness and erotic energy to the next level. The sex life of your dreams is within your grasp. You’ve got this.


Suggestions for you

- Access the latest knowledge around our sexual anatomy (the clitoris, g-spot, prostate etc) and sexual desires.

- Cultivate a mindful, conscious everyday practice that boosts your sexual wellness and keeps sexual energy high

- Try out a one-on-one sex coaching session to challenge yourself or participate in a pleasure education workshop to learn some new sexual skills. 

- Join a sex positive community on Instagram and have empowering conversations that keep you juicy everyday.

Quote you'll love: "The best sex starts in the mind"